Measures to reduce chances of viral spread for CO Wildland Fire Conference

We can do this safely!

It is the planning and safety teams' intent to create an event that goes above and beyond to keep you safe and greatly reduce any possibility of participants contracting a virus at the conference. While we cannot guarantee your safety, here is what we are doing to increase it.

Conference Measures

  • Any registrant who is exhibiting signs, tested positive, or is in quarantine from coronavirus or any other communicable disease should cancel their registration at the last minute or even leave early during the conference if you arrive feeling ill for a full refund.

  • Fully vaccinated individuals are encouraged to wear a mask with fun conference incentives for mask wearing in light of increasing evidence that vaccinated individuals may still spread the coronavirus disease. 

  • For your health and to comply with hotel, state, and national guidance, unvaccinated individuals may attend the conference wearing a recommended mask except when actively presenting or dining.

  • An alternate greeting to the handshake will be normalized. Take 30 seconds to help choose our conference alternate greeting!

  • Seating and booth spacing is increased throughout the conference with attention to spacing and flow throughout. 

  • Conference attendees bring their own notepads and writing utensils to keep them from getting mixed up.

Be sure to book your room when you make your conference registration. This will give you a quiet place to slip away if you experience social overload after taking a year and a half off from in-person conferences.

DoubleTree Measures

  • All hotel staff are required to wear masks. Most staff have also been vaccinated.

  • Meals will be served by staff rather than self-serve. Patio space will be available for meal breaks as weather allows.

  • Requesting guests to wear masks in public areas of the hotel regardless of vaccination status.

  • Increased sanitation of surfaces, HVAC filtration, and hand sanitizing stations.

Additional Info

Grand Junction lies within Mesa County that had an early spike in coronavirus delta variant cases. However, cases in the county have been steadily declining. Click Here to be redirected to the Mesa County's COVID-19 data dashboard.


Colorado guidance for indoor events

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