Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend the conference?

Anyone wishing to learn more about how they can reduce their community's vulnerability to wildfire is welcome to attend: Community members, Realtors, Insurance Industry Representatives, Professional Planners, Developers, Mitigation Specialists, Emergency Service Personnel, Researchers, and Policy Makers. 


Who plans the conference? 

The planning committee is comprised of individuals from these organizations.


What topics will be discussed?

The 2020 conference will focus on examples and best practices for engaging a broader audience in finding their roles in wildfire risk reduction. Topic cover community fire adaptation, landscape resilience, and response related opportunities for engaging broader audiences. Pre and post-conference opportunities have also been added this year. View the schedule.


What's the registration cost and what does it include?

  $245 for regular conference registration. Late registration will apply starting in mid-July.

FACO members will receive a $50 discount code. Primary conference presenters will receive a special speaker rate and registration information.


Registration includes including a variety of presentations incorporating the "Resilient Colorado" theme. The rich content will also include optional networking events, exhibit/sponsor hubs, posters on FAC support around the state, and an interactive statewide strategy session on land use strategies and policy opportunities.



What is the difference between a Sponsor and an Exhibitor? 

See Sponsor/Exhibitor Guidelines

For more information on becoming a sponsor, please contact: Wendy Fischer -


Whom do I talk to about registration problems? 

Contact Wendy Fischer -


Who is the primary media point of contact? 

Please direct all media and information requests to Ellis Thompson-Ellis -